Upcoming 3-DAY WORKSHOPS

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Puerto Vallarta

Jan. 12, 13, 14,  2018

$270. U.S.

SUN RIPENED COCOS 37x45 cms Aug 2016

“Sun Ripend Cocos"    Watercolour    Donna Dickson


San Miguel de Allende

Feb. 10, 11, 12,  2018

$270. U.S.

WATERS EDGE 15.75x 11.5 ins. Mar.2017

“Waters Edge”    Watercolour    Donna Dickson



Mar. 23, 24, 25,  2018

$270 U.S. 

Street Crossing oil 14 x 18 in Jul 2014

“Street Crossing”     Oil    Donna Dickson



Limited to 12 painters     

Open to all levels of experience. If you want to know how the Masters handle watercolour - this is your chance. Donna is one of the best and with her exceptional abilities as a teacher you’ll find your work flowing with better control in no time!

You will be painting from reference photos in Donna’s beautiful airy studio, overlooking the sparkling waters of Banderas Bay .

Mornings 9:30 - 12:30. 

Afternoons 2 - 4 p.m. 

The workshops focus on Color Mixing, Composition, Loosening Up, Simplifying, and Exploring Watercolor Technique in general. Donna will be giving lots of inspiring Demo’s, while at the same time leaving lots of time for guidance while you concentrate on your own creativity.

DONNAS WATERCOLOR for workshops blurb

  “Morning Shadows” a Watercolor by Donna Dickson

3-Day Studio Workshops in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico

The subject matter around Banderas bay is an endless inspiration; the Pacific Ocean with all the colourful boats afloat; the life of the beach; the rugged mountains with their misty jungle vegetation spilling down toward the sea; the play of surf and sand; the sun falling into the sea serving up the most gorgeous sunsets imaginable. 

Puerto Vallarta has blossomed into one of Mexico's prime  destinations while retaining a real authentic Mexican charm. The hotels are well run, clean, comfortable and affordable. The same can be said of the many excellent restaurants. There is lots to do and see in Puerto Vallarta, and the crime rate is so low as to be essentially non-existent - to top it off, the people are genuinely friendly and helpful!

The price of the 3 day watercolor workshop is $270. U.S. 

FOR SIGN-UP and further information regarding any of the above Workshops:      donnaleeartist@gmail.com

Accommodation Suggestions:

The ones listed are good hotels in what we consider to be the most interesting parts of town; either Old Town or Centro P.V. They have good reviews and are very reasonably priced. But If you prefer to stay in higher priced “resort style” accommodations, there are plenty to choose from - they tend to be located further from the studio, however. Then again, cabs are cheap in Mexico...

Hotel Tropicana

Hotel Playa Los Arcos

Hotel Rosita

Hotel San Marino

Hotel Posada de Roger

Donna (with the blue scarf) teaching a Workshop in San Miguel de Allende

Tel: 322 175 4587 

 email: donnaleeartist@gmail.com